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Case Studies

This video introduces the last module, going into the first and second research strands: 1) Contingent Preference Development & Cooperative Education and 2) Implications of Relational Governance Models.
This video extends the discussion on research strand 2, Implications of Relational Governance Models, offering an in-depth analysis and application of several case studies on relational governance in the platform sector. It also offers some theoretical insights to the platform economy, including on platform cooperativism.
This video introduces the notion of a Mission-Oriented Research Agenda on Cooperation, outlining some basics and presenting an overview of the history of the Italian cooperative movement.
This video provides an overview of the recent phenomenon of “community cooperatives” in Italy, focusing on the region of Puglia in Italy’s south, which had the first regional law on community cooperatives. It focuses on a number of case studies and emphasized the role of social learning and rural revitalization that the cooperatives have provided.
This video presents the results of a case study on UK “business to cooperative conversions” conducted in conjunction with the government of Ontario as part of the CoopConvert project. It outlines a number of contemporary features of the UK ecosystem, including the diffuse legal system and reviews a number of prominent structures/organizations, such as “Community Shares” and the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) model, which it critically scrutinizes.
This video closes out the empirical studies in The Cooperative Economy, and also closes out the formal part of this four module course. it focuses on Berlin’s platform cooperative startup scene, drawing on three case studies: Platform Cooperatives Germany, Smart Germany and Circles. It attempts to draw general lessons from the preceding videos in Module 4.
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