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Basics of Cooperative Economy

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Foundations of the Cooperative Economy in the Moral Economy

Lecture 3: Moral Economy, Addendum

Lecture 4: Polanyi and the History of Capitalism

Lecture 5: CRPs and Elinor Ostrom

Lecture 6: Extending the CRP concept: empresas recuperadas

Lecture 7: Social Inclinations & Economic Theory

Lecture 8: Social Inclinations & Economic Theory, Pt. 2

Lecture 9: Social Inclinations, Addendum

Lecture 10: Governing the Firm, pt. 1

Lecture 11: Governing the Firm, pt. 2 + Towards a New Synthesis, pt. 1

Lecture 12: Addendum on Reciprocity & Cooperation

Lecture 13: New Synthesis, pt. 2, Conclusion

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