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coop.econ is a site that will attempt to serve as a repository for content on the economics of cooperatives and on cooperation more generally. This of course includes discussions of cooperative theory (like discussions and interpretations on the principles and values) as well as practices, featuring research like case studies and field reports.

The site is currently managed by the Chaire SFPI of the Royal Academy of Belgium of Sciences, Arts and Letters. We are interested in building up a network of researchers, who can contribute to maintaining the site, but will be starting by transforming foundational research, such as The Cooperative Economy: Towards a Stakeholder-Led Democracy into foundational material for the site.

We are furthermore currently in talks with a large publisher to produce a Handbook of Cooperative Economics, with a tentative plan to publish in Spring 2024.

Please contact in case interested in providing content to the site or to learn more about cooperative economics.

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