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Routledge Handbook of Cooperative Economics & Management

Dear visitor,

We invite you to review below the call for abstracts (deadline extended to May 1, 2023) for the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Cooperative Economics & Management:

Additionally, below you can find more information about the Handbook. For all potential submissions (draft chapters will be due ca. November, 2023), we offer three items:

  1. an extended summary of the book’s aims and contents;
  2. a spreadsheet which potential contributors may use to fill in their abstracts;
  3. a survey which the Handbook’s editors are using to map out researchers and cooperative practitioners’ views of the relationships on topics related to cooperation.
  1. Detailed summary:

2. Abstract Submission (spreadsheet). Please download, complete and send back to Jerome Warren (jerome.warren(at)

3. We also ask those submitting abstracts to consider taking a moment to providing a mental map, reflecting your view of the cooperative world. For instance, you may feel that “community” is strongly (“5”) connected with “inclusive governace”, or “democratic participation” is moderately (“3”) connected with “transparency”, etc. The selection of concepts is yours to choose. You may find the survey here:


The results of the survey will inform the editors’ work and will contribute to a second book, a “map of the cooperative world“, as seen by researchers and practitioners.

Cooperative Greetings!
The Editors

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