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Cooperation is messy and complex, yet it undergirds our everyday lives. However, the economics profession has largely neglected cooperation as a motivator, in favor of competition. However, the challenges of the present and future, like climate change and global inequality, will require us to harness cooperation much more than they will competition.

Therefore, seeks to feature content on the economics of cooperatives and on cooperation more generally. This of course includes discussions of cooperative theory (like discussions and interpretations on the principles and values) as well as practices, featuring research like case studies and field reports.

We are interested in building up a network of researchers eventually, who can contribute to maintaining the site, but will be starting by transforming recent research into foundational material for the site.

Our partners include Exploring Economics, the chair SFPI at the Belgian Royal Academy and a number of other research institutions and practitioners from around the world.

Photo of Palace of the Circus

Burial urns found on paros, with hopplon shields, ca. 750 BCE.